Collection: Vintage

Vintage: Is more flexible than the antique category because the age and nature of vintage goods is unclear. Because the term originally applied to wine, the description has developed in a unique way over the years. Now, the essence of the term means a style particular to a certain year that isn’t quite antique. Generally speaking if the item is no older than an antique but not less than 20 years, it falls under the term vintage.
65 products
  • Animals of the World Vol. III
  • Ball Perfect Mason
  • Bentwood Child Rocker
  • Best Made Vintage Meat Grinder #15
  • Blue Speckled Crock - Small Vintage Ceramic Canister with Lid
  • Brush McCoy Pottery Planter
  • Canister set
  • Car Snac
  • Cheese box
  • Children's Books
  • Chippy barn wood
  • Coats and Clark’s display
  • Coffee tin bank
  • Cookbook
  • Enamel pot
  • Fitz and Floyd Garden Rhapsody Salt and Pepper Shaker Duck