Collection: Vintage Glassware

Antique and vintage glassware ranges from simple to fantastic, and affordable to outrageous - literally something for everyone.

Carnival Glass: This type of glass made by a number of different companies is characterized by its "oil slick" coloring in varied hues. 

Depression Glass: This molded glass is of low quality but its beautiful colors and fancy patterns have garnered a following with collectors nonetheless.

Elegant Glass: While made in both clear and colors like Depression glass, the quality of "elegant" glassware is significantly higher.

Fenton Glass: One of the most prolific of American glassware companies, Fenton made everything from cranberry glass to milk glass in a plethora of patterns. 

Kitchen Glass: An offshoot of Depression glass, many useful items were made in a variety of colors in the 1920's & 1930's which include Delphite Glass, Fire King, Jadeite Glass, Platonite Glass.

Milk Glass: An opaque white glass popular around the turn of the 20th century.

21 products
  • 1975 Arnel’s Mushroom Cookie Jar
  • Arnels Mushroom Sugar Bowl
  • Canister set
  • Federal Normandie Depression Glass
  • Fenton Covered Candy Dish
  • Fenton Leaves & Orange Tree 3 Toed Dish
  • Fenton Marigold Bonbon Dish
  • Imperial Carnival Glass "Grapes" Pattern
  • Jadeite citrus reamer
  • Jadeite cup and saucer
  • Jadeite fruit bowl
  • Jadeite mixing bowl
  • Jadeite mug
  • Mid Century Belmar Cali Serving Dish
  • Mid Century Santa Anita Pink Dish
  • Pfaltzgraff Sugar & Creamer set