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Vintage Robinson Ransbottom Pottery

Vintage Robinson Ransbottom Pottery

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In 1900, the Ransbottom brother's started a pottery company in Roseville, Ohio to make stoneware and pottery.  By 1916  Ransbottom Pottery was the largest producer of stoneware jars in America.  Around 1920, they merged with Robinson Clay Products Co. who created bricks and tiles.  The name was changed to RRP Company (to reflect both initials) and product lines expanded to include gardenware in addition to their art pottery and functional goods.  The company was able to endure through the great depression and was in business until 2005.

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Each is beautifully done in a blue spatterware pattern on a cream background with a solid cream color on the inside. It is stamped or embossed on the bottom in dark blue ink " ROBINSON RANSBOTTOM, Roseville, Ohio U.S.A Please see pictures

1 Pint Low Jar_Robinson Ransbottom Vintage , Spongeware Crock, Sponge Blue Ceramic Stoneware Pottery

1 Qt Kitchen Crock Utensil Holder Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Spongeware /This spatterware crock stands 5 1/2" tall. It measures 3" wide at the base and gradually rises to the rolled edge at the rim. The opening with rolled rim measures 5-1/4" in diameter. It gradually narrows down/tapers to a 3" wide base diameter.

1 QT. Robinson Ransbottom   #700 Dark Blue Spongeware Crock 5 1/8" Tall x 5"  

1/2 Pint Robinson Ransbottom 



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